How to Find Calm in the Midst of Our Current Crisis


Right now we are facing a crisis in the US with the spreading of the Coronavirus. A tremendous amount of fear is being transmitted through a variety of media and social signals. My work during the last 30 years gives me a unique perspective on how to cope with this crisis, and I am offering a unique webinar to help you navigate your response to this health threat.

You’ll learn simple and effective methods on how to cope with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty around the Coronavirus and how to strengthen your body’s immunity to illness, including:

– Where to get the best and most accurate sources of information about the Coronavirus
– Stress reduction and resilience skills
– How to give and get social support to stay connected while “socially distancing”
– How to eat mindfully to help strengthen your immune system and prevent illness and how to move joyfully to improve health and wellness

I invite you to attend this FREE webinar on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 3:00pm CT via Zoom to learn some simple ways to care for yourself and others during this challenging time. Please register through Zoom here:

Dr. Doug Herr
Psychologist and Leadership Training Coach. As a top-rated Health Psychologist at Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health, I have worked with hundreds of doctors and thousands of chronically ill patients. I am passionate about teaching people comprehensive approaches to navigating their fears about illness which greatly impacts our lives and communities.