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About Doug

For as long as Doug Herr can remember, the deconstruction of thought has been like a gravitational force, ever-present on the pathway toward seeking and understanding the motivations and goals that underscore the profound experiences in the human existence.

During an early midlife crisis, or maybe better defined as a quarter-life crisis, while working as an engineer in his 20’s. An insatiable appetite for understanding how the mind, body and spirit connection inform everyday experiences was set in motion, becoming the driving force in a career dedicated to discovering the psychology behind individual well-being.

After once reading that written goals were 10 times likelier to be achieved, Doug set the goal of earning a masters in psychology, ultimately ending up with a doctorate and a career momentum that eventually led to a professional home at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2011. As a team member at Vanderbilt, continuing the pursuit of growth and change strategies took on a new evolution through the implementation of mindfulness, health coaching and applied neuroscience strategies. These strategies helped lead to pioneering teamwork strategies with colleagues of various disciplines, all viewing collective work being done through an individual lens. After joining the Center for Professional Health at Vanderbilt, the work of providing emotional intelligence and leadership training for medical doctors became an illuminating experience, spotlighting a unique skill set in facilitating highly functioning individuals with understanding, on a more conscious level, how to efficiently evolve their psychological process in order to achieve the highest available potential in personal and professional life goals.

After completing further Ontological Coaching training in 2018 as a means to foster a move into the most productive area of service, 2019 finds Doug utilizing a continuously evolving set of career experiences and perspectives to create a uniquely developed program, aiding individuals in achieving life-altering potential.


Well-being is the foundation for all effective action. Each individual is made up of a complex set of emotional and psychological systems. Our emotional and physical well being inform the basis in which we personally operate and in turn create the opportunity to positively impact the systems in which we are a part of. Understanding how to deconstruct and reorganize our thoughts and motivations to maximize the most efficient use of our brain enables the most effective pathway forward. The ability to design the life you desire, resides within the ability to mindfully differentiate between the positive and unconstructive processes we engage in, in order to implement the most effectively productive and positive plan of action.


To work in support of leaders, providing tools to individuals to assist in accessing better states of living and working well. To use customized and individually prescribed methods to highlight the foundations of presence and integrity to self as the only sustainable basis for a career of high productivity. To aid leaders in self-discovery and analysis of process in order to gain efficiency and clarity in productivity for the self and every person in a system.