Applying Mindfulness to Life

Do you want to be focused and passionate in your relationships and work?

Do you want to enjoy yourself more, because your purpose, gifts and responsibilities are well-aligned?

Do you want to be more productive and more rested and refreshed?

That’s where I can help.

Why Positive Psychology and Coaching?

  • Coaching focuses on positive results. The center of our treatment plan is you, not a diagnosis.  We’ll work to increase your inner clarity and wellbeing.
  • My coaching style includes what’s most helpful in therapy, like EMDR for reducing trauma symptoms and yoga and mindfulness practices for increasing your self-care skills.
  • Coaching clarifies what’s good and most important about you: your values, strengths, skills and contributions.
  • Like therapy, coaching is a collaborative relationship.
  • Coaching helps even when a problem can’t be solved. For example, if you have a chronic disease, I want to help you create the best life you can have given your circumstances.  There’s always more you can do.

Ready? Take Your Next Step Towards Wellbeing

Whatever difficulty you’re wanting to master, having support, a collaborator, and more tools at your disposal will help.  Your healing is already within you, waiting to happen.  Wellbeing is a natural state when we know how to foster it.  A coaching relationship simply acts as a catalyst to allow your healing and growth to happen naturally.

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